Leading the way for real-time transformation

Regardless of the complexity of your projects, Fleet Management Solutions, Inc. (FMS) offers fleets robust equipment management software dedicated to easily tracking your assets, increasing productivity, reducing costs, and ensuring proper equipment utilization.

Understand how your assets are utilized

DIRECTOR fleet monitoring solutions provide an easy-to-use platform to keep your fleet efficient and variable costs low.

Locate valuable equipment across multiple jobsites, reduce unnecessary rental costs, monitor engine hours, track fuel consumption, and prevent unauthorized use or theft with one dedicated solution.

Improve Maintenance Management

Taking a proactive approach on maintenance for your assets can substantially increase productivity and reduce unnecessary downtime.

Set customized alerts and keep track of records in one system accessible anywhere, on any device. Create maintenance logs, plan preventative maintenance repairs, identify equipment overdue for maintenance and maximize equipment utilization.

Maintain Peak Operational Efficiency

Access real-time and historic data to gain an understanding of your total operation. Identify where you can achieve greater efficiency and pinpoint areas you can substantially improve.

Reduce operating costs while achieving your ROI quick thanks to a suite of features for improving efficiency. FMS equipment management solutions enables users to monitor planned progress, payloads, cycle times and daily production targets.