Fleet Management Solutions, Inc. (FMS) is ready to help you streamline the management of your assets across multiple jobsite and reach the highest level of performance your business is capable of.

Premier Solutions for Oil, Mining & Gas

From extraction to distribution, connect every aspect of your business with a single unified fleet management platform designed specifically for your industry. Gain full visibility into fleet activity and asset utilization, whether on the jobsite or over the road. Streamline communication with crews and drivers, while receiving real-time updates on assets from anywhere on the planet.

Track Asset Utilization

Gain valuable insights that will help unlock fleet’s full potential. Through real time GPS location tracking, ensure extraction schedules are on time and all your valuable assets are where they need to be.

With customizable geofence alerts and exception reporting, you can eliminate unnecessary rental costs and prevent potential theft and authorized use of your assets.

Integrate Preventative Maintenance

Save thousands of dollars annually with proactive maintenance measures. With customizable maintenance updates and alerts, your fleet can automate maintenance management while staying proactive.

Create effective preventative maintenance programs based on manufacturer schedules and real time inspection reports.

Improved Fuel Management

Achieve ROI quicker with a telematics solution configured specifically for your business needs. Real-time visibility can offer your business greater insights into reasons for excessive fuel consumption.

Train drivers and operators to reduce poor behaviors such as engine idling, speeding and poor maintenance management.