Reduce risk, improve safety and security, and optimize fleet operations with all-satellite GPS tracking and fleet monitoring.

The rugged GPS vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring solution from Fleet Management Solutions, Inc. (FMS) supports your fleet anywhere in the world – even in the harshest environments in the most remote of locations. FMS combines GPS technology with asset management software and satellite communications to provide a complete solution for all your fleet monitoring, management and tracking requirements.

FMS Mobile Location Tracking Modules maintain continuous GPS location, direction and speed information and combine that with important vehicle data such as engine activity, idle and stop data.

Fleet management information is delivered from the vehicle via satellite communication, insuring that data is uninterrupted by land obstructions or lack of terrestrial transmission towers. All mobile resource data is received, stored and analyzed at the FMS Network Operations Center.

Vehicle telematic data is accessed by logging on to DIRECTOR® via Web browser from any computer or mobile device. From this application, reports are generated, commands issued, alerts set and all fleet monitoring is performed. An optional two-way, in-cab message display terminal allows communication between the driver and fleet manager or dispatcher.

Satellite Data Transmissions