Public Sector Tailored Solutions

Possessing robust experience in building customized software platforms, Fleet Management Solutions, Inc. (FMS) is dedicated to supporting government institutions with tailored GPS tracking solutions that meet the strictest requirements. FMS enables government agencies to improve safety without data security risks. Learn how we are trusted by the largest federal agencies.

Private, Secure Data

Maintain confidence that the data and privacy of you and your constituents are safeguarded. FMS provides government and public entities with FedRAMP compliant solutions that maintain the highest level of data privacy. Focus your energy on other things while we ensure you are protected.

Meet the Strictest Compliance Standards

Detect and mitigate compliance risks proactively while staying compliant in all work, health, and safety standards. FMS has made it a top priority to ease any and all concerns of government institutions. Our fleet management solutions provide greater insights into fleet utilization and frequency of compliance violations.

AI Powered Dashboard Camera Technology

Protect your constituents and the greater public with our 360-degree HD smart dashboard camera. Promote a safe driving culture and reward positive driving events in real-time with audible and actionable alerts. Viewable traffic events include:

  • Speeding and tailgating
  • Distracted and/or drowsy driving
  • Stop-sign and red-light violations

Equipped with an artificial intelligence processor, eliminate guessing games regarding accident liabilities and see only the footage that matters to your operations. With at-fault detection and alerts, gain peace of mind knowing that your fleet and institution are safeguarded from fraudulent insurance claims.